Studio Woy was born from a deep observation of a changing society. Indeed globalization caused people form around the world getting closer. These changes got to a destructuring-restructuring process that marks out the interactions between the social groups of various cultures. The two designers got inspired by this cultures mix to make daily objects of tomorrow.

The idea is to work with these objects to boost the adaption and the assimilation of this new common culture, so that the initial values become blurred to give away to new respective values.

Besides, Wøy wants to make these projects long lasting, to fight against a simply formal aesthetic by working in a sobriety valued by noble materials. The studio values the object a lot. It gives it a sociocultural dimension, which makes it the essential actor of the interaction between diverse cultures. Thus in that perspective of making emerge a utilitarian and unusual object, Studio Wøy is seeking to involve the user to other traditions.



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